Nchain in Crisis as CEO Quits And Alleges Fraud

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  • Blockchain company Nchain is in crisis after its CEO, Cristen Ager-Hanssen, quit after just 10 months in the role and made multiple allegations of fraud
  • Chief Scientist Craig Wright also seems to have been fired after Ager-Hanssen exposed him as a liar over his Satoshi claims
  • The Norwegian says that shadowy figures are working behind the scenes to defraud Nchain

Blockchain company Nchain is in crisis after its CEO, Cristen Ager-Hanssen, quit after just 10 months in the role, alleging a “conspiracy to defraud nChain shareholders” and accusing the company’s chief scientist, Craig Wright, of fraudulently masquerading as Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright and Ager-Hanssen were last night removed from the nChain ‘about us’ page on its website, alongside other high-ranking members, with Ager-Hanssen confirming that he called for Wright to be fired before quitting himself. The news has been greeted with glee by those who doubt Wright’s claims, while the BSV community has resorted to globalist conspiracy theories to keep their dreams alive.

Ager-Hanssen Outlines “Conspiracy to Defraud nChain”

Ager-Hanssen was a controversial figure before joining Nchain last year, having been involved in the ‘Cryptoleaks’ affair concerning lawyer Kyle Roche. He took up his position as CEO position shortly after this and seemed set to try and push Nchain and its underlying BSV technology to the next level. However, after just 10 months in charge, things have taken an incendiary twist:

Ager-Hanssen added in later X posts that he had been “threatened to keep quiet” over his fraud claims and welcomed any lawsuit from Wright or Nchain’s chief financial backer, Calvin Ayre, who many believe is the shadowy figure in the background pulling the strings at Nchain. Certainly, he is the man paying for Craig Wright’s lawsuits and recently invested €520 million into Nchain, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that he is the man running Nchain from the shadows.

Wright “Manipulated Documents” to Try and Prove Satoshi Claims

Ager-Hanssen’s explosive revelations have led to multiple people, including himself, being removed from the Nchain ‘about us’ section, with Anger-Hanssen confirming he quit and saying that the board agreed that Wright should be fired for manipulating court documents in his attempts to prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto:

I have also reported that I have found compelling evidence that Dr Craig Wright has manipulated documents with the aim to deceive the court he is Satoshi. I’m today myself convinced that Dr Craig Wright is NOT Satoshi and I’m persuaded he will lose all his legal battles.

Of course, Wright’s document manipulation is well-known in the crypto space, but this is the first time that someone in the BSV/Chain camp has had the courage to admit it, having seen the efforts first-hand. The news comes just weeks before Wright is to take the stand in the COPA case where he will face a 900-page forensic report into his documentary evidence. If Wright loses the case, which Ager-Hanssen now says is a certainty, Wright cannot call himself Satoshi Nakamoto in the UK and his other UK lawsuits, which are plentiful, will be essentially null and void. 

BSV Fans Remain Stoic

In a Spaces chat last night, Ager-Hanssen added that Wright and Ayre “totally panicked” when the 900-page report examining Wrigh’ts evidence dropped, adding that the Tulip Trust, which Wright has claimed since 2014 contains bitcoin mined from 2009, is “bullshit”.

Neither Ayre nor Wright have commented on the explosive revelations, but those in the BSV community were not taking it, instead pivoting to extraordinary explanations for Ager-Hanssen breaking his silence:

Nchain has installed another long-time Wright supporter, Stefan Matthews, as CEO, but the future of the company now looks uncertain, especially as Ager-Hanssen also claimed that Wright uses an AI algorithm to create the supposedly valuable patents on which Nchain relies and that he “forged his signature on a lot of patents that are not his.”

With Wright now removed from Nchain and facing allegations from inside the camp of his document manipulation, the future looks worse than ever for the Australian, who famously tried to con the Australian Taxation Office out of hundreds of millions of dollars between 2008 and 2014.