1,733% SALE Airdrop Pump Rewards Hatch DAO Victims

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  • The value of the SALE airdrop that was handed out to Hatch DAO victims in October has pumped 1,733%
  • The SALE token has seen a massive price increase in recent weeks, including a three-day $1,466 pump
  • The valuation of the airdrop was almost 50% of what was lost by investors after the pump

Victims of last year’s Hatch DAO exit scam have been rewarded after the SALE token, which was airdropped to HATCH victims in the wake of the rug pull, pumped almost 1,500% last month. SALE, which is the native token of the DxSALE platform, had been making steady progress since September last year when the compensatory airdrop was announced, but a sudden 1,466% pump last month has propelled the airdrop from the status of kind gesture to potentially financial windfall.

DxSALE Offered to Help Holders After Hatch DAO Rug Pull

Hatch DAO rug pulled on September 25 when developers minted and sold the entire token supply, crashing the coin’s value and losing token holders all their money. In a show of “solidarity of the event”, the DxSALE operators offered an airdrop of their own SALE token to HATCH holders, which they distributed on October 2.

At the time the token was worth $0.012, meaning that HATCH holders were still out about 99.7% of the HATCH holding value. However, the SALE token has taken off in recent weeks, pumping to $0.47 last month, include a three-day 1,466% explosion. It has since settled at $0.22, marking a nice 1,733% price rise from the airdrop, leaving holders around a quarter of the way back to their pre-crash HATCH holding valuation.


Could SALE Airdrop be Worth More Than Hatch Holdings?

Given that the alt market likely still has another huge alt season ahead of it, we could well get to a point where the SALE airdrop is worth more than the valuation of the HATCH holding for which it was given. This would mark an incredible turnaround for investors who thought they had lost their money when Hatch DAO exit scammed and could well end up being one of the few good news stories to result from a crypto scam.