XRP Gets Listed on Coinbase After Years of Being Ignored

Reading Time: 3 minutes

XRP, the token that has divided the crypto community since its inception some six years ago, finally got what it has been craving for almost that entire length of time – a listing on Coinbase. The announcement was made yesterday via a tongue-in-cheek from Coinbase who referenced the constant badgering XRP fans give the platform anytime they post anything on social media. The news prompted a swift 10% rise in the price of XRP, before it slumped again a short time later.

Mixed Reaction

The reaction was, as expected, mixed. XRP fans were naturally overjoyed at the news, despite many having adopted a ‘you need us more than we need you’ mindset in recent weeks to cope with the continued absence of the token on the platform. Anyone who has spent any time in the crypto space in the last few years cannot fail to have missed the gnashing of teeth and protestations from XRP supporters anytime another coin got listed on the popular platform, and many were finally glad to be able to get their moment in the sun.

On the other side of the fence, there were an equal number of people who openly mocked the token and its followers for what they perceived to be a muted reaction to the long-awaited news, as well as the impact the listing might actually have.

XRP Not a Security?

The addition of XRP to Coinbase suggested to many that it could now no longer be considered a security, an issue that is going through courts at the moment. Although, it’s not clear how this assumption has been arrived at given that Coinbase is not connected to regulators in any way. Indeed, others suggested that Coinbase was simply trying to increase their trading volume by adding a much-requested token and would deal with any ramifications months down the line, by which point they would have made money off the trading of the token.

Insider Trading Claims Return

Accusations of insider trading, aimed at Coinbase more than XRP, again raised their heads, with some suggesting that a spike in buying volume that occurred only 2.5 hours before the announcement showed that those with knowledge of the listing quickly bought up tokens ahead of the anticipated pump. This is not the first accusation of insider trading that Coinbase has faced, as similar accusations were made in 2017 when Coinbase listed Bitcoin Cash that resulted in an internal investigation. Such activity is illegal in traditional trading but seems to be par for the course in crypto.


Still, insider trading isn’t something that will be concerning XRP fans who were no doubt dressed from head to toe in their Ripple swag and toasting their success last night. We’re sure that they will now be waiting with bated breath for the XRP option to pop up on their iPhone apps in an unequivocal symbol of victory over… someone.