Forbes Magazine Officially Enters the Metaverse

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  • Forbes magazine has revealed its entry into the metaverse
  • It entered the virtual world through the Sandbox Metaverse
  • Forbes’ metaverse allows visitors to swim in a pool or enjoy a drink at a bar

The 107-year-old Forbes magazine now offers a place to swim and take a drink in the metaverse. Powered by the Sandbox Metaverse, Forbes revealed that the move indicates its permanent entry into the virtual world where it now owns a plot of land. The magazine said that its entry into the metaverse cements its belief “in the transformative potential” of the digital world, a belief shared by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg who recently conducted a lifelike interview in the Metaverse.

A Gaming-like Outlook and Multiple QR Codes

In an announcement, Forbes disclosed that it intends to use the virtual space to foster a deeper connection and explore collaboration avenues with its web3 community. Apart from a pool and a bar, the metaverse also allows visitors to view a “comprehensive gallery dedicated to celebrating the 2024 Under 30 recipients.”

According to Forbes Chief Growth Officer Taha Ahmed, the venture showcases the magazine’s commitment to embracing emerging technologies. Forbes’ approach takes a gaming-like outlook with the use of multiple QR codes across the virtual land to ignite user engagement.

The magazine noted that its approach is meant to birth a new standard “for what a metaverse experience can be,” adding that it needs to be inviting, informative and engaging.

Walmart, Disney and Japan are also in the Metaverse

Forbes isn’t the only traditional brand turning to web3 to better connect with its followers. Retail giant Walmart, for example, recently partnered with People of Crypto Lab to celebrate the Black culture in the metaverse and also to hang out with customers.

Entertainment heavyweight Disney is also in the metaverse race and acquired Epic Games to provide a unique experience in the virtual world. Countries like Japan, China and South Korea are also exploring the digital world including funding web3-focused initiatives.

With Forbes arriving in the metaverse, it’s to be seen whether other leading business magazines like Fortune and Entrepreneur will make a similar move.