Walmart to Celebrate Hip-Hop in the Metaverse

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  • Walmart has announced it’ll be celebrating Hip-Hop and the Black culture in the metaverse
  • The retail giant will be partnering with People of Crypto Lab (POCLab) to make the virtual celebrations possible
  • The event is part of POCLab’s ongoing mission to celebrate cultures and Walmart’s way of hanging out with customers

Retail heavyweight Walmart has announced it’ll be taking part in celebrating Hip-Hop and the Black culture in the metaverse in partnership with People of Crypto Lab (POCLab). Dubbed Cultureverse, the event is scheduled to take place next month on Spatial, a metaverse platform, and will take a gamified approach to showcase how the music genre has contributed to the growth of different areas such as fashion and art. The event is part of POCLab’s resolve to celebrate cultures, something that may help revive forgotten or not-so-popular cultures.

Innovative Ways to Hang Out with Customers 

Walmart intends to use the event to boost its Black & Unlimited platform that seeks to enable more artists in the Black community to have access to technology. According to Walmart’s Justin Breton, the event helps explore “new innovative ways” to hang out with its customers.

Breton added that the celebrations offer Walmart a chance to introduce its platform to a decentralized audience for the first time. POCLab co-founder Simone Berry said that the celebrations are meant to “inspire a new generation” of artists and also tighten the virtual bond between “brands and consumers.”

Not Walmart’s First Metaverse Rodeo

The event isn’t Walmart’s first visit to the metaverse as it has launched experiences on the Roblox metaverse platform. The retail giant has also filed for trademarks revolving around digital goods, NFTs and cryptocurrency.

Walmart’s competitor Amazon is also exploring virtual collectibles and is reportedly working on a web3 game.

With Walmart serving over 30 million customers daily, its entry into the blockchain world is likely to help bring more people to the web3 space.