Ex-Disney and Marvel Employees Unveil Web3 Game Publisher

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  • Former employees of leading Hollywood and gaming entities have partnered to launch a web3 game publishing outfit
  • Known as Galactic Entertainment Publishing, it’s led by a former Disney employee and headquartered in the United Arab Emirates
  • The outfit is meant to take web3 gaming to Tripple-A levels

Former head of Disney’s AAA Studios, Mark Meyers, and other ex-employees from reputable gaming and movie companies like Epic and Warner Bros. have partnered to create a web3 game publishing entity. Galactic Entertainment Publishing will be part of Galactic Group’s mission to “elevate web3 gaming to Tripple-A standards” through redefining the gaming landscape by being the “first play-to-own publishers.” The launch comes at a time when conventional entities like Amazon are exploring the blockchain gaming world, something that’ll help boost the adoption of web3 games.

An Amazing Sci-fi Universe

Galactic Entertainment Publishing already has its first project, PlanetQuest, in the works. PlanetQuest was developed by individuals who were involved in the creation of popular titles like “Avengers” and “The Batman.”

PlanetQuest has a Star Wars-like theme and allows gamers to trade in-game assets like ships. Galactic Entertainment Publishing intends to release other PlanetQuest-inspired items such as novels.

PlanetQuest’s chief creative officer Jon McCoy, noted that creating something new for the first time has its challenges but said that it’s “amazing” developing a “sci-fi universe with the fans.” 

Marvel Announces NFT Collection

Meyers noted that creating “in-game goods” that players really own benefits everyone involved with the game. Galactic Entertainment Publishing founder Loren Roosendaal observed that the existing “free-to-play model is broken” because gamers spend billions of dollars and 100s of hours “gathering in-game items they don’t actually own.”

Most of the companies whose former employees are part of the development have in the past announced entry into the blockchain world. Marvel, for example, announced its first NFT drop three years ago while Disney recently acquired Epic Games to build a metaverse-like experience.

With the launch of Galactic Entertainment Publishing, it’s to be seen whether the outfit will have a positive effect on the adoption of web3 games.