Timex Brings Bored Apes to Wristwatches

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  • Luxury wristwatch manufacturer Timex has revealed plans to feature Bored Apes on watches
  • Timex will produce 500 timepieces for Bored Ape owners to showcase their apes
  • The customizable watches will retail for $2,500

Luxury wristwatch manufacturer Timex has revealed plans to offer the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT family customizable timepieces to showcase their apes. Timex intends to produce 500 timepieces dedicated to both Bored Ape and Mutant Ape communities, with each timepiece retailing for $2,500. The collaboration comes two weeks after the ApeCoin community launched an NFT marketplace meant to increase the appeal of Bored Apes and other Yuga Labs’ creations.

2 ETH Per Pass

Timex disclosed that ape holders will need to hold a Timepiece Forge Pass NFT which will give them the right to order a customizable wristwatch. The pass currently changes hands for 2 ETH and allows Ape holders to customize the watch’s case and strap among other features. 

The option to design the timepieces will be available to the pass holders within the next two weeks and physical watches shipped between April and June next year. In a tweet, Timex clarified that the select timepieces are for all pass holders but ape holders will be privileged to “create their set.”

An Ape, A Physical Watch and an NFT Watch

The physical timepieces will also have an NFT version. According to Timex’s SVP Shari Fabiani, the collaboration is part of the company’s Web 3.0 efforts centered around creativity and the community. The revelation comes less than a month after the watchmaker said it is the “official timekeeper of the metaverse.” 

According to Fabiani, the company is “playing with the concept of time,” to interface the physical and the virtual worlds. The move shows growing efforts to increase the adoption of NFTs by tying or featuring them to tangible items