Twitter Introduces NFT Trading Using Tweets

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • A section of Twitter users can now buy and sell NFTs through a tweet
  • The feature has been launched in conjunction with four NFT marketplaces including Rarible and Magic Eden
  • The functionality comes shortly after Elon Musk closed a billion-dollar deal to purchase the social media heavyweight

Twitter has partnered with Rarible, Magic Eden and two other NFT marketplaces to allow users to conduct NFT trading using tweets. Although still in the testing phase, the plan will also enable Twitter users to display their digital artworks. Twitter disclosed that the feature supports NFTs from all blockchains, provided they are listed on partner marketplaces.

OpenSea Notable by its Absence

Dubbed NFT Tweet Tiles, the new system offers an exclusive panel inside a tweet for displaying virtual artworks and offers a clickable icon that redirects to a marketplace where the NFT is listed. Currently, the function works with Rarible, Magic Eden, and Dapper Labs.

According to Twitter, the integration is part of the platform’s roadmap to have developers contribute to how users experience their interactions on the platform.” With the marketplaces powered by different decentralised platforms such as Ethereum and Solana, Twitter revealed that the functionality supports all blockchains provided an NFT is listed on any of the four marketplaces.

Android Users Will have to Wait

Additional information disclosed by Twitter includes that only a select few will be able to enjoy the feature during the testing stage. Speaking to Decrypt, a Twitter representative further revealed that the chosen group will be selected from web and iOS-based Twitter users. Some of those commenting on the development asked the social media platform to add more features such as an NFT search button that “filters for NFTs collections and token ID.”

The functionality comes at a time when Tesla CEO Elon Musk closed a deal to acquire the social media giant for $44 billion. Although the service is only in beta mode, it is yet to be seen whether it will accommodate more NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and X2Y2.