STEPN Creator Builds Tool to Turn Selfies into NFTs Using AI

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  • STEPN creator Find Satoshi Labs (FSL) has built a tool allowing users to convert their selfies into NFTs using AI
  • Dubbed GNT V3, FSL wants to use it to showcase the intersection of Web3 and AI
  • Generated digital collectibles will be powered by the Solana blockchain

STEPN creator Find Satoshi Labs (FSL) has built a tool that allows users to use artificial intelligence (AI) to turn their selfies into NFTs available on the MOOAR NFT platform. Dubbed GNT V3, FSL intends to use the tool to showcase the intersection of Web3 and AI, a phenomenon that has been catching up in the space with the likes of Binance releasing a tool that created 10,000 AI NFTs in 2.5 hours. GNT V3-based collectibles will be powered by the Solana blockchain.

Merging Blockchain and Individuality

According to the platform’s co-founder Yawn Rong, the new feature also aims to rethink how individuals present themselves in the virtual world, adding that blockchain and individuality are slowly becoming inseparable.

Rong revealed that the generated AI-based NFTs can be monetized, also noting that the tool helps “push the boundaries of digital self-expression.” GNT V3, which is an evolution of the GNT AI-powered NFT creator tool launched early last month, can produce 1,000 NFTs at a go. In an announcement, FSL said that the tool lowers the barrier to entry into the Web3 world.

The deployment of AI in the Web3 space hasn’t received support from some quarters. Photographer Jeremy Cowart, for example, thinks that AI-generated collectibles miss the “human processes that have been built over the years.” Cowart recently announced a live 10,000 NFT creation process involving live photos, robotics and layers of projections, and intentionally avoided using  AI.

AI is more Disruptive

However, tech veterans like Bill Gates prefer AI over Web3 and the metaverse. According to Gates, AI has more disruptive power compared to Web3 and the metaverse. The generative artwork mania is slowly taking over the space attracting the involvement of Web3 giants like Yuga Labs.

With FSL advancing the idea of AI-powered generative collectibles, it’s yet to be seen how much AI and Web3 can benefit from each other.