Dookey Dash Players Hiring External Gamers to Get High Scores

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  • The need for outnumbering other players has seen Dookey Dash players hire external gamers to get high scores
  • The external gamers charge as high as $4,000
  • Some players think the undertaking is prohibited and may lead to disqualification

The need to outdo other players has seen Dookey Dash players engage external gamers to get the highest score with some of these gamers charging over $4,000. However, some in the Bored Ape/Mutant Ape Yacht Club (BAYC/MAYC) ecosystem think seeking such services constitutes cheating and those involved may be disqualified from the game once Yuga Labs runs an audit. This comes three weeks after Yuga Labs launched the Web 3.0 game powered by Sewer Pass NFTs.

$4,200 for a Bot-score

One of those offering the high-score boosting service on Dookey Dash told Decrypt that they charge between $420 and $4,200 for game points ranging between 250K and 700K, adding that it achieves the high score without using fraudulent schemes. 

However, not everybody thinks using such services is good. For example, the holder of Bored Ape #3987 Adam Hollander tweeted that engaging in such schemes may lead to disqualification and participating Sewer Pass NFTs rendered “worthless” since the hired gamers “are using botted code.”

Commenting on the revelations, Yuga Labs acknowledged that they’re aware of some players using dubious means to pump their scores, adding that the fake scores have already been deducted “from the leaderboard.”

A High Score that Can’t be Validated

According to details shared by players on social media platforms, hired gamers are able to continue playing the game despite ramming into objects that would normally lead to a crash. 

Although some like Fabricant CTO Marco Marcheshi wondered whether it’s worth “hacking” the game considering it’ll be hard “to validate a score,” others like ClearHat, a hacker, think it would be somewhat difficult for Yuga Labs to differentiate between real and bot-based scores. 

Yuga Labs is yet to clarify if it’ll penalize players caught cheating instead of just removing the bot-acquired scores from the leaderboard.