Solana Collaborates with Google to Boost Web3 Gaming Adoption

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  • Solana has collaborated with tech giant Google to support web3 game developers on the blockchain
  • The partnership will see the integration of Google Cloud with Solana’s GameShift
  • The collaboration comes a few days after Google Cloud’s new web3 platform divided the crypto community

A few weeks after experiencing severe congestion, Solana is working to strengthen its web3 gaming ecosystem to boost blockchain gaming adoption through a collaboration with tech giant Google. Solana announced that it’ll integrate its gaming toolkit GameShift with Google Cloud to drive the adoption of Solana-powered games by easing their deployment on the blockchain. Google Cloud noted that the collaboration helps abstract the “technical complexities” that hinder creators from joining the web3 space, something that may increase the number of blockchain games.

Immersive Blockchain Experiences Await

According to GameShift’s head Davis Hart, the collaboration is part of their mission to drive the “adoption of blockchain technology in gaming,” adding that the partnership will see GameShift join the tech giant’s partner ecosystem.

Google Cloud’s Jack Buser said that the cooperation is going to enhance the creation of “immersive blockchain experiences” without worrying about the underlying technology. GameShift hides the complexity of blockchain technology leading to benefits like frictionless sign-in and scalability of in-game assets.

Google Cloud’s Web3 Offering Divides Crypto Community

This isn’t the first interaction between Google and Solana. In 2022, Google started running a validator node on the Solana blockchain. Google Cloud has been increasing its interaction with the web3 space through partnerships and in-house projects.

In the past, for example, it has collaborated with Near Protocol to boast developments in the web3 world. It has also joined the EOS blockchain as a block producer

Its recent web3 offering, however, divided the crypto community with some lamenting its lack of Lightning Network support, while others considered it a “comprehensive resource.”

With Solana’s GameShift joining Google Cloud’s partner program, it’s likely to birth new and immersive games.