Formula E Launches Blockchain-based Racing Game

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  • Formula E has released “Formula E: High Voltage,” its inaugural official video game, incorporating blockchain technology and NFTs
  • The racing management web3 game is hosted on the popular Flow blockchain
  • The game will offer users four NFTs, including cars and drivers, for free

Formula E is launching its first official video game, integrating blockchain technology and NFTs. “Formula E: High Voltage” has been developed by Animoca Brands and Amber and will be released on October 19th. The racing management web3 game sits on the Flow blockchain, which is recognized for its sustainability focus and energy efficiency and has been used by a host of big brands looking to enter the web3 space.

Flow Blockchain to Host Game

Formula E: High Voltage will see users receive four NFTs, including two cars and two drivers, to play with for free. Additional NFTs are available to buy in four rarity levels, with the rarer NFTS costing more money. Players engage in collecting, training, upgrading, and managing drivers and cars to establish their racing and NFT empire.

NFT Crates are available for purchase, with a solo crate costing $20-30 and a Team NFT Crate, containing two cars and two drivers (guaranteeing one epic or legendary rarity NFT), priced at $119-149. Players will need a Blocto wallet to connect to the Flow blockchain.

Backers Predict Great Things

Formula E: High Voltage is part of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, which includes licensed blockchain racing games like MotoGP Ignition, MotoGP Guru, REVV Racing, and Torque Drift 2.

Kieran Holmes-Darby, gaming director at Formula E, extolled the virtues of the game, saying that it allows gamers to “get the chance to engage with Formula E and our racing in a dynamic new way.”

Will Griffiths, vice president of commercial strategy at Animoca Brands, added that the launch and the partnership with Formula E “marks an exhilarating moment” for the company, adding that fans and players will be able to “immerse themselves in the excitement of the race, but also enjoy the advantages of true digital ownership brought by NFT and blockchain technologies.”