Uniswap Unveils Education Platform to Boost Adoption

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  • DeFi protocol Uniswap has partnered with decentralized governance platform DoDAO to launch Uniswap University
  • The DeFi platform wants to use the educational platform to bring more users to its ecosystem
  • The university will teach topics around web3 and decentralized exchanges

DeFi platform Uniswap has taken a unique path to attract more users by setting up an educational platform. Dubbed Uniswap University, the platform is built in partnership with decentralized governance platform DoDAO and intends to focus on topics revolving around web3 and decentralized exchanges. The DeFi platform specifically intends to use the platform to promote usage of Uniswap v3, which it admits is littered “with specialized jargon and complex financial strategies.”

Over $3 Billion Locked

While some of the courses and topics are general to the web3 scene, others are specifically tailored to help explore v3. For example, there’s a chapter on different strategies available to liquidity providers on the DeFi platform.

Uniswap has over $3 billion locked in its different aspects of the platform such as staking and lending, with its three versions generating over $300 million in revenue yearly.

According to the Uniswap Foundation, the university takes a tiered curriculum approach that offers guides, tidbits, simulations and courses fit for both new and veteran DeFi users.

The university is part of Uniswap’s growth plans which have seen it deploy on more blockchains including on Binance’s BNB Chain. However, Uniswap v3’s Business Source License (BSL) expired in April making the platform’s code open source hence allowing developers to fork the platform to create similar DEXs.

DeFi Platforms Unite to Boost Liquidity

The university’s launch comes hours after over 20 DeFi platforms partnered to boost liquidity on the Cosmos-powered DeFi ecosystem and two days after the United States securities watchdog SEC disclosed plans to enforce regulations on DeFi platforms.

Although Uniswap targets to attract more users, the launch of an education platform will contribute to educating more people about DeFi, blockchain and web3.

With the Truffle team joining ConsenSys, the development studio is likely to launch more  developer-centric features.