Ira Kleiman Claims to Have Potentially Case-winning Email

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  • Ira Kleiman may have an email that could swing his case against Craig Wright
  • Ira claims to have an email that proves a 50/50 partnership between Wright and Ira’s deceased brother, Dave
  • Wright claims to have squirreled away over one million bitcoin in 2011, but the evidence for this has been proved to be fraudulent

Ira Kleiman may have an email, not yet submitted into evidence, that could potentially win him his case against Craig Wright. That’s according to a courtroom observer who overheard Kleiman talking to his lawyer at the conclusion of the second day of the trial in Miami, Florida, where Kleiman said on the stand that he had written evidence that there was a 50/50 partnership between Craig Wright and Dave Kleiman in the mining of over one million bitcoin, which is central to the case. However, the very existence of this bitcoin is suspect, given that the paperwork backing up the Tulip Trust into which it was allegedly sent in 2011 has been proven to be fraudulent.

Ira Kleiman Takes the Stand

Ira Kleiman took the stand on day two of the trial to testify about his relationship with Wright and his dealings with his brother Dave, who died in 2013 without leaving any information or access to the alleged bitcoin haul. Wright mentioned in several emails to Kleiman and others that he and Dave Kleiman were working together on early Bitcoin projects, the evidence for which is spurious at best and downright fraudulent at worst, with the nature of their partnership in relation to a specific company the focus of the case.

As detailed in episode 1 of a new podcast series on Wright, called Dr Bitcoin – The Man Who Wasn’t Satoshi Nakamoto, the pair set up a company, W&K Info Defense Research, to try and obtain government research contracts. However, their four proposals were all rejected, despite Craig Wright swearing at one point that they were accepted.

Wright’s Tulip Trust Evidence Already Dismissed as Fake

It’s Wright’s contention that W&K then moved to mining bitcoin, stashing over one million away in the Tulip Trust via access to companies that owned the rights to this bitcoin, along with a bunch of intellectual property, in 2011.

However, Ira’s legal team have discovered during the course of the trial that the evidence backing up the existence of the Tulip Trust is fraudulent and the company that supposedly formed the trust was acquired in 2014 and not formed in 2011 as Wright claims. The Australian Tax Office already suspected Wright of backdating the documentation around the Tulip Trust, although Wright claims it wasn’t him that created this documentation, as is also outlined in the podcast.

Wright to Testify Today

According to the courtroom observer, a Twitter user by the name @FractalEncrypt, Ira Kleiman told Wright’s lawyers under cross examination that he was sure he had an email in which Wright confirmed that the partnership was 50/50. This didn’t go down well with Wright’s lawyer:

@FractalEncrypt began to doubt the legitimacy of the email, until he overheard Ira after the session ended:

If Ira Kleiman can produce an email that conclusively confirms a 50/50 partnership was agreed by Craig Wright and Dave Kleiman with regard to W&K then Wright’s case is dead in the water.

With Wright due to take the stand today, his notable temper, which we saw all too clearly when questioned about the legitimacy of his claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto in 2016, will surely be tested by Kleiman’s lawyers and could be very revealing.