Base Announces Onchain Summer 2 with $2 Million in Rewards

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  • Base has announced Onchain Summer 2 and has allocated $2 million in rewards
  • The event will run between June 3 and August
  • The event will kick off with a hackathon hosted by Base

Coinbase-funded Ethereum scaling layer Base has announced another on-chain summer event eight months after holding its first such event which birthed more than 700,000 NFTs. Base revealed that Onchain Summer II will last for the full summer starting on June 3 and ending in August, adding that participants stand a chance to win part of the $2 million prize pool allocated for the event. According to Base, June will be dedicated to a hackathon “hosted by Base and partners” with July and August dedicated to showcasing projects, something that’s likely to lead to the creation of NFTs, web3 games, meme coins and other experiences.

“Never Been Done Before” Experiences

In an announcement, Base disclosed that it’s inviting creators to create experiences that have “never been done before” but which are simple and ready for mass access. The scaling also noted that developers should keep the cost of their projects low and that experiences can be in the form of a “game, social app, piece of art or commerce flow.”

Base noted that it’ll work with Coinbase and other partners to popularize unique projects. Coinbase, for example, will provide an “Onchain Summer destination” where developers will be able to launch and commercialize their projects.

Base Publicizes Smart Contract Code

Base will offer gas credits and builder grants to support participants. The scaling layer wil also offer tools like easy wallet onboarding and seamless user experiences.

Onchain Summer II comes seven months after Base publicized its smart contract code to boost transparency and accountability. It also comes nine months after daily transactions on the layer two exceeded those on the main blockchain.

With the first Onchain Summer attracting attention from top companies like Coca-Cola, it’s to be seen whether this year’s event will attract similar participation and adoption of the scaling layer.