Congress Passes a Bill to Uncover Crypto’s Use in Sex Trafficking

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Congress has just passed a bill titled Fight Illicit Networks and Detect (FIND) Trafficking Act of 2019, which is designed to uncover cryptos use in sex trafficking in the states. Sex trafficking is a horrible plague that tears innocent women and men away from their families against their will to become sex slaves. Congress has passed this bill to try and track down any traffickers using crypto in the process and bring them to justice – hopefully bringing down their trafficking ring in the process.

Criminals Using Cash Over Crypto

It can’t be doubted that there are many sex traffickers using cryptos, cash is still king in the criminal underworld. Cryptocurrencies are largely traceable, making criminals who use them easy targets for authorities. Even when it comes to privacy-focused coins such as Monero and ZCash, the US government is working on being able to trace these digital currencies, forcing criminals to turn back to cold, hard cash. While this could hamper efforts to catch the sex traffickers, a vast number of traffickers will still be caught using cryptos.

America Using Cryptos to Catch Criminals

A lot of criminals appear to have very little understanding of the crypto world, and think it’s safe to conduct any type of transaction without repercussion. That couldn’t be further from the truth. America has passed another bill that allows it to track cryptos that are being used by terrorists in order to stop organizations in their tracks. This same technology can be applied to cryptos being used by sex traffickers, resulting in more women and men being saved from these horrible conditions.

Move Past the PinkDate Controversy

People have been trying to intertwine the sex and crypto industries for a number of years now. PinkDate promised to create an Uber for sex using its own blockchain and private crypto token. However, the PinkDate saga quickly unfolded into a nightmare for investors, as it ended its North American adventure. The US government is looking to send sex traffickers packing like the PinkDate development team with this new bill.
This new bill can stop thousands of young men and women being taken away from their homes and forced to work in the sex trade. Sex trafficking is a horrible crime that’s gripped the US for years, and hopefully crypto can bring the industry to its knees. If the bill is successful, young men and women around the world can rest at ease knowing the US government is taking steps to stomp out sex trafficking.