Uniswap Airdrop – What Can You Do With It?

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • The Uniswap airdrop awarded platform users at least $1,000 in free tokens yesterday
  • Many sold straight away, but some are undecided what to do
  • We run through some of the options open to recipients and early sellers

Once news of a 400 token Uniswap airdrop became common knowledge on Twitter yesterday morning, the community was awash with discussions of what to do with its newfound haul (once everyone had forked out the fees to claim and sell the things). If you’re still not sure what to do with your tokens, or the proceeds from them if you did sell, here are some ideas you may or may not have considered.

Donate to UNICEF

You could donate your Uniswap airdrop proceeds to, appropriately, UNICEF via their cryptocurrency fund. Your donations will help “fund open source technology benefiting children and young people around the world”, so you’d be passing your crypto on to a much more needy younger generation.

Buy a Private Jet

Did you sell your Uniswap airdrop to BTC? Then you can buy a Gulfstrem G650ER private jet – as long as you got in the region of 1,875. This $40 million beauty with only 1,200 hours on the clock is available to buy in Bitcoin through Aviatrade, which would be a very nice way to spend your free airdrop money, if you were lucky enough to get that much.


Buy a Supercar

Didn’t get enough to buy a private jet with your Uniswap airdrop? Maybe you’ll just have to plump for a supercar from BitCars, where you can grab yourself a Lamobrghini Huracan Sypder for 26 or a 1981 Ferrari 308 GTBi for 10. Not a bad way to drive off into the sunset in search of unicorns.


Farm It

If you fancy trying to make your tokens work for you, you could try farming them to grow some more. The rate of return starts as 0.003 UNI per $1 staked per day, meaning that at the current price you’ll be picking up 2.4 UNI per day. This may not sound like much, but accumulating this on a daily basis could pay off if Uniswap continues to grow.


The final option of course is simply to hodl your Uniswap airdrop coins in the hope that the price rises in time. This strategy is also contingent upon Uniswap continuing on its quest to be the home of DeFi shitcoins, but if it manages this then your cost-free tokens could end up being worth a princely sum.

Christmas Comes Early for Uniswap Airdrop Recipients

While many were agog at being given a free gift worth some $1,000 at the time, some were even more stunned to see what they were in line for – liquidity providers were given even more tokens on top, with some users reporting airdrops in the thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

Many of those who woke up and found their early Christmas present however will see the Uniswap airdrop as little more than a repayment of the extortionate gas fees they have had to pay to use the platform, or a reimbursement of failed transactions or project rug-pulls.