Find Treasure and Earn Cryptos With CoinTreasure!

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Finding treasure has always been great fun, and many people still head out into the world in search of treasure today. However, since cryptocurrencies took off and became more mainstream, more and more people are starting to create crypto treasure hunts. If you’ve ever wanted to take part in one – or create a treasure hunt of your own – it’s now easier than ever before!

Get ready for CoinTreasure and its epic range of maps that allow players to hide Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin somewhere on a map, and intrepid adventurers can hunt around the map to uncover the loot!

Hiding Loot and Winning Crypto

There are two ways to play the crypto hunting game over on CoinTreasure – the first being as a hunter. After you create an account, you can buy discovery fields using crypto and then click on a square to uncover it. If you uncover the treasure then you win the crypto that has been staked in the map!

Next up, you can play as the crypto pirate who’s hiding their treasure! Load up a map size, select how much crypto you wish to hide and pick a location! Then you can publish it to the world and let players hunt through your map to find the hidden treasure! It’s a pretty fun way to spend a bit of crypto and make crypto – if you’re great at finding treasure.

Bitcoin Treasure Hunting Around the Globe

Earlier this year, Satoshi’s Treasure Hunt gave adventurers the chance to find $1 million worth of BTC. Players were given three clues to start their hunt, and they were then tasked with finding 400 out of 1000 pieces to unlock the private key and take home the Bitcoin. Within a few minutes, the first 3 pieces of the puzzle were found, giving treasure hunters the perfect start. The treasure has still yet to be found, but as the price of BTC goes up, so too will the epic reward!

Hiding Bitcoin in Video Games

Back in August 2018, two brothers decided to hide a small amount of Bitcoin in the popular game No Man’s Sky. The due added half of a seed phrase to one beacon in a solar system and the second half on another beacon in a different solar system. When combined, the seed phrase would give the lucky hunter access to the wallet that held the treasure. It was a huge treasure hunt that had players flying through galaxies in search of Bitcoin and a small fortune. Until now, the Bitcoin remains hidden in the game, but it’s only a matter of time before an adventurer finds it!

So, if you’re looking to hide crypto in a fun treasure game, or simply fancy a fun treasure hunt – CoinTreasure is a great place to start. Who knows, perhaps we will create a treasure hunt for our loyal readers in the weeks to come… Stay tuned!