Bitcoin Veteran’s HEX Crypto Worth Less Than Dogecoin

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If you held Dogecoin instead of HEX, you’d have made a wise bet recently.

Dogecoin currently sits at around 32 satoshi, while HEX, despite all the hype from frontman Richard Heart and elsewhere, is probably sub-satoshi level at this point. This means that a Satoshi will actually buy you more than 1 HEX at current rates.

Richard Heart is a longtime crypto personality, often taking to YouTube in a more eccentric videos. As recently as yesterday, the pundit was denouncing “haters:”

Inflation Depresses Altcoin Price

HEX opened up at over $2 back in mid-December, but has since yielded nothing but diminishing returns.

Bitcoin holders were vested with tokens on the new blockchain.

Some have charged that the cryptocurrency acts like a pyramid scheme, a charge not helped by Heart’s continual, willful ignorance of market dynamics. If anyone’s getting rich on HEX at this point, it’s Heart, who brags here recently about cashing out for 1 Ether.

The trade takes place on, a dApp that allows users to exchange tokens for ether.

While you may not have much actual money by holding HEX at this point, if you hold it, you are earning more tokens via a staking rewards system. Inflationary in nature, the crypto’s supply model is likely not helpful for its price prospects.

Richard Heart Dances on Deck of Sinking HEX Ship

As we’ve seen so many times before, the proprietors of crypto projects love to go down with the ship.

Look at Craig Wright. Despite every disproof possible, Wright continues to stand by his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto. Now the piper has come to call, with Wright’s access supposedly able to be restored to the massive Bitcoin horde of Satoshi Nakamoto. Yet, nothing has happened yet.

Richard Heart seems intent on going down with the HEX ship.

People have called HEX a “pyramid scheme,” and alleged that Heart benefits unjustly in the system.

Two years ago, a blogger wrote about Heart, accusing him of being a “scammer” and citing personal exchanges with the Bitcoin personality.