Reddit Community Cries Foul Over Bot Activity in Latest NFT Drop

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  • The NFT community has lamented the involvement of bots after Reddit dropped its Gen 3 NFTs
  • Some claimed the bots prevented them from laying their hands on the limited-edition digital artworks
  • The mint site also experienced some downtimes causing some collectors to blame it on automated NFT trading tools

The NFT community has lamented the involvement of bots after Reddit dropped its Gen 3 digital artworks earlier this week. According to collectors, the automated trading tools prevented them from purchasing the limited edition artworks while others claimed the bots overloaded the minting website causing it to crash. The collectors blamed Reddit for failing to incorporate anti-spam measures to block automated trading tools.

300,000 NFTs Bought in Under 3 Seconds

The Gen 3 Reddit NFTs feature the platform’s logo as a collectible avatar which Reddit said can be taken “on or off Reddit.” Its launch instantly received widespread adoption from collectors causing issues that crashed the minting website.

However, some collectors claimed that the crash came from bots that “bought 300K avatars in under 3 seconds” consequently causing the average Reddit user to miss out on a chance to own a piece of the new collection.

A section of the disgruntled buyers aimed their guns at Reddit for not incorporating anti-spam measures such as the use of a captcha to block bots.

Bots Don’t Need a Website

However, while some lamented the involvement of automated trading tools, others revealed that they were among those who benefited from the bots. One Twitter user, for example, disclosed that their “bot partners” helped them scoop “a good” number of Gen 3 NFTs even when the mint website was down.

The new NFT collection is part of Reddit’s efforts to empower creators on the platform, a movement it started in July last year. However, the push comes roughly over a year after it declared interest in Web 3.0 and crypto.

With bots preventing the average NFT collector from accessing an initial mint, entities planning to conduct an NFT drop can block bots in the initial mint phase to ensure a fair distribution of a project’s collectibles.