Calvin Ayre Calls Ignored Elon Musk Invitation “Public Point”

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  • Calvin Ayre thinks that Craig Wright’s Coingeek Conference invitation to Elon Musk was a “public point”
  • Ayre said that fact that the Tesla founder has so far ignored the invitation was expected because Musk is “a PayPal guy”
  • Wright previously called Musk a “marketing asshole” and “a scammer”

Calvin Ayre, one of the BSV cult leaders, has claimed that BSV’s desperate efforts to get Craig Wright to meet with Elon Musk at an upcoming Coingeek conference, which have so far been ignored by the entrepreneur, were just a “public point” and that they “never expected him to come”. Ayre’s claim rings extremely hollow, coming as it does on the back of ten days’ worth of relentless pleading by all those connected with BSV for Musk to meet with Wright at the conference. What’s worse for Ayre, Wright and co is that Musk’s Tesla famously bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin in February, and this latest rejection of BSV by the billionaire is another slap in the face for the project that recently slipped out of the top 50.

Tesla Founder Receives “Personal Invite”

The BSV onslaught charm offensive towards Musk began in late August when a video of Wright inviting Musk to join him at the Coingeek conference in early October was published, with Wright also asking if the champion of renewable energy would consider working with him on making blockchain technology just as environmentally friendly. Well, not all blockchains, just BSV:

In publicizing the video, Coingeek noted several “parallels in their careers”, such as the fact they were born one year apart and that they were both born in the same hemisphere. No, really. Coingeek posted another article on the subject of the invite on the very same day, saying that Wright had made “an offer Tesla CEO Elon Musk can’t refuse—join CoinGeek NYC”. They then posted a third article explaining why Musk would love BSV, seven months after writing a piece entitled ‘Why Elon Musk Would Hate BSV’. Maybe the poor guy was just confused.

BSV Crew Pleaded For Musk to Attend

The BSV community took up the charge, pleading with Musk to attend the conference for any number of completely legitimate reasons:

Some even tried to claim that the ‘news’ was getting out:

However, it seems that, after over a week of silence, the BSV brigade might have to learn how to cope with rejection, which is even more embarrassing given the amount of time and effort that has gone into trying to woo Musk. Ayre tweeted on Wednesday that “there is a back channel (to Musk), but this was done anyway to make a public point for the benifit (sic) of others.” This back channel seems to have connectivity issues however, going by Ayre’s tweet yesterday:

This incredible suggestion, that the entire enterprise was conducted in the full knowledge that Musk would turn them down, flies in the face of credulity and would act as a huge slap in the face to the BSV fans who were under the impression it could have happened. Of course, this isn’t true and is just a way of saving face, but Ayre manages to come across like the kid who asks the prettiest girl in the school to the prom only to be rejected and say that he never wanted to go with her anyway.

Of course, Musk’s act of ignoring of the Coingeek conference invite may have something to do with Wright calling him a “marketing asshole” and “a scammer” as can be seen in this video:

“I hope you take me up on this offer.”