Raving Rabbids Tokens Launched by Ubisoft as NFTs

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  • Raving Rabbits Tokens have been launched by Ubisoft in the form of soft and cuddly ERC-271 tokens
  • The collectibles move from owner to owner with a new appearance each time
  • Launch shows that the concept of blockchain collectibles is continuing to go mainstream

Raving Rabbids!, the popular gaming series from Ubisoft, has got a new lease of life through the blockchain in the form of a series of ERC-271 collectibles. Rabbids Tokens are the latest in a growing line of digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain, with the launch, proceeds of which go to UNICEF, further illustrating the growth of the sector.rabbids tokens

Rabbids Tokens First of a New Breed of NFT

Raving Rabbids! is a spin off from the popular Rayman series of games, and now these loveable bunnies have found their way onto the Ethereum blockchain through Rabbid Tokens. The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are kept in an Ethereum wallet once they have been bought, where their owners can “pamper” their Rabbids in a way that is reminiscent of the Tamagochi craze of the 1990s.

Unlike normal NFTs which can only be sold at the holder’s instigation, Rabbid Tokens always have a price on their head, and any user can buy your Rabbid off you at any time. This process utilizes what Ubisoft calls Proof of Plausible Ownership (POPO) – once the Rabbid Token has left your wallet it stays in there as a POPO. Each time a Rabbid Token arrives with a new owner it takes on a new personality, although previous owners always keep their version in their wallet to enjoy forever.

NFT Experimentation Great for the Space

This break from the traditional (if we can say such a thing yet) way of operating an NFT project shows a nice sense of experimentation in the field and is also emblematic of the growing mainstream adoption of blockchain collectibles. There is also something clearly endearing about cute and cuddly NFTs – Microsoft launched Azure Heroes last year, which took the form of a collection of digital badgers to reward individual performance. With Rabbids Tokens not only are we taking another step towards mainstream adoption but we are also putting further distance between the current crop of NFTs and the NFT nadir of Cryptokitties which crippled the Ethereum network in 2017.