TravelbyBit Lets Users Book Flights and Hotels with Crypto!

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If you love to travel the globe and you love to pay for things with crypto, then TravelbyBit has a treat in store for you. TravelbyBit recently revamped its website and added the option to allow customers to checkout using Bitcoin, BNB, and Litecoin. On top of accepting three incredible cryptos, TravelbyBit has made finding flights and hotels quick, easy, and user-friendly. You can browse flights to thousands of destinations around the globe and book a hotel in record-breaking time – no hassles, we promise.

Traveling with Bitcoin is Becoming Popular

It’s not just TravelbyBit that are implementing crypto payments for travel, a range of other sites are too. Back in September 2018, More Stamps Global added 40 different cryptos to its payment gateway, meaning travelers can pay for flights in virtually any of the top cryptos they wish. However, the pioneer was Destinia Travel, who implemented Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments way back in August 2018.

If you’re more of a corporate traveler, there are solutions for you too. Corporate Travel is now allowing its clients to book flights and hotels using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Tailored to the corporate world, Corporate Travel is the first travel agency aimed at corporate travel to allow crypto payments.

Where are You Heading Off To?

With your air travel and hotel sorted, which country will you be visiting first? If you’re looking for a crypto getaway, you should check out which countries are pro-crypto and avoid those that are anti-crypto. If you’re planning to head to Iran, it’s worth noting that LocalBitcoins just cut support for the country, but the Iranian government recognizes Bitcoin as a currency – meaning you can explore the country using your crypto balance.

Blockchain Could Be Powering Your Flight

Before you even step foot on the plane, blockchain technology could have a major role in whether your plane is on time or not. A number of major airlines including the Russian S7 Airlines have signed up to use blockchain technology in the refueling process of its aircraft. This means there is less financial risk held between the airlines and the refueling agents as well as guaranteeing that aircraft will always be refueled on time. Smart contracts handle all of the leg work, meaning your plane will never be delayed again due to a fuel shortage.

TravelbyBit is helping to revolutionize the way we travel around the globe with our cryptocurrencies, and their new website makes it even less stressful. If you’re looking to book a trip, TravelbyBit is well worth checking out!