Iran Recognizes Bitcoin as Legal Tender

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Ever since the US imposed tougher sanctions on Iran, the tourism sector in the country has collapsed. Airlines from the US and Europe no longer fly to Tehran and anyone who steps foot in the country is considered a regime sympathizer. Sadly, Iran is a beautiful country and, in a bid to revitalize its tourism industry Iranian officials, it has decided to recognize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as legal tender – helping tourists circumvent the harsh sanctions Iran faces. It has been a long time coming, and for a while last year it didn’t look like Iran would backtrack on the Bitcoin ban.

Bank Cards Not Working

Visa and MasterCard are both obliged to follow the US sanctions and have stopped working with payment processors in the country – meaning your regular bank card will likely not work in Iran. To get around this, crypto payment processors have been working hard to team up with shops, hotels, museums, and archeological sites to help tourists visit Iran.

Say Hello to Iran By Bit

You can now secure accommodation, tours, a local debit card, and a mobile sim with Bitcoin, helping to open up the tourism sector once more. Iranbybit gives travelers the power to plan their entire trip in advance and pay using Bitcoin – a first in the crypto travel world. You can get your hands on a mobile sim and 5GB of data for €5, while a Varzaneh desert and Salt Lake tour will set you back €25. These prices are very reasonable and give holidaymakers the chance to see a beautiful country that might not feature on many “Must Visit” lists.

Iran Creating its Own Cryptocurrency

Straight out of the “sanctioned nations” playbook, Iran decided to create its own cryptocurrency. However, Iran actually put a lot of work into developing it and created a cryptocurrency that’s got a high amount of demand. PayMon is backed by the value of Iran’s vast gold stores locked up in vaults around the world, and gives the world an easy way to trade with the nation.

If you’re looking for a different type of holiday, using Iranbybit to visit Iran is definitely worth looking into. Whether you’re walking around the streets of Tehran, tasting traditional Persian food, or simply relaxing in a hammam, you’re going to have a great time in Iran.

So, pack your bags, grab your passport, and stock up on Bitcoin, as it’s time to enjoy the real Iran!