Travelers Can Now Book Holidays Using Cryptos

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With every passing week, more people are getting their hands on cryptocurrencies and more companies are beginning to accept crypto payments. As the number of people holding cryptos increases, the demand for businesses that accepts them also increases – if that wasn’t already obvious. This has given us fantastic companies such as The White Company and the Bitcoin Superstore, but there has been something missing from the crypto retail market – complete package holidays.
More Stamps Global is seeking to fill this gap and help encourage crypto adoption in the travel sector. It currently accepts 40 different cryptos and has plans to accept over 300 by the end of the year. While big names in the global travel space – such as Expedia – are quietly removing cryptos from the available payment methods, More Stamps Global is ushering in a new era of travel.

Digital Cash Leads to Real World Adventures

More Stamps Global is just one website giving you the ability to spend your cryptos. If you love American muscle cars, you can now get your hands on a restored 1967 Mustang from Classic Recreations. If cars aren’t quite your thing, The White Company sells unique packages to top events, real estate, jewelry, and even art using cryptocurrencies. The market for crypto spending is clearly growing, and More Stamps Global is seeking to expand its current reach.

AirAsia Joins the Crypto Scene

When it comes to travel and the crypto world, they are more intertwined than most might think. AirAsia is planning an ICO in order to bump up its share price, as it feels that its current structure is holding it back. It is planning to introduce a rewards scheme that can then be stored on a blockchain, with it giving flyers the ability to track rewards in real time with a linked mobile application.

Fueling Aircraft with Blockchain Technology

Over in Russia, Gazprom Neft has teamed up with the airline S7 to fuel its aircraft using blockchain technology. Gazprom Neft tankers will start fueling the plane and once it has completed delivering fuel to the aircraft. From there, a smart contract will automatically take the final balance, send a payment request to S7, and receive the funds immediately. This helps to cut out a number of costs within the aircraft refueling process, as well as mitigating a number of other financial concerns.
What’s becoming pretty clear at this point is that the travel sector is getting with the program when it comes to digital currencies. So, in the very near future you could be using your chosen crypto wallet to pay for your next holiday – not a Visa or MasterCard.