Destinia Travel Booking Service Now Accepts BTC and BCH

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When any company makes the move to accept to cryptocurrency it always brings smiles to our faces – let alone when that company lets us take to the skies. Anyone that wants to travel the globe and spend some Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to do so needs to keep an eye on Destinia, as the travel agency now accepts crypto payments. The popular company is already a well-known travel booking service in Europe, accepting Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, and PayPal as payment for services. By adding BTC and BCH as payment options, it’s fair to say that Destinia is getting with the program and entering the crypto age in the process.

Destinia has Made the Right Call

Now, we’ve seen a lot of company’s starting accepting crypto payments lately. We’ve even seen Pornhub start accepting Verge, which shows just how widespread the reach of the cryptocurrency market actually is in 2018. However, many vendors have struggled to make using crypto to buy products a seamless experience. Destinia has clearly thought things through in order to make the purchasing process as easy as can be. The travel service provider is now listing the price of products in mBTC, which means that you have a firm idea of how much crypto you’re spending with zero confusion. The reason behind the decision to list prices in this fashion is to make things simpler for customers – in our opinion it’s proven to be the right call.

Take to the Skies with BTC

Moving forward, should you have a Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash wallet, you’ll no longer need a debit or credit card in order to make purchase. Select mBTC as the payment option, then use the QR code via your mobile phone and that’s it, you’ll receive a confirmation voucher for your security after you make the payment. You will also need to verify your ID during the checkout process. Clean, easy, and simple – exactly how we like Bitcoin transactions to be.
There is only one exception to this being a full-scale roll out, as some hotels are strictly steering clear of crypto payments and links to crypto payments. So, not all products can be booked using BTC and BCH at this point, but we do expect this to change in the future, as crypto acceptance becomes more widespread.

Setting a Brand New Benchmark

Destinia is stepping up where other travel companies are falling short – joining the list of awesome things you can buy with Bitcoin. Offering BTC and BCH payment options shows that this company is thinking about the future. Will other travel companies follow suit? With Destinia leading the way and laying down the blueprint of how things should be done we certainly hope so.