Wirex Crowdfunding Heads into Overfunding in Matter of Hours!

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Wirex has launched a crowdfunding round to fund its future
  • After just an hour, Wirex smashed its goal of £1 million
  • Wirex’s crowdfunding is now in oversale and looks set to make at least £5 million!

Wirex is one of the most popular mobile app crypto wallet and exchanges with people from all around the globe. It’s quick and easy to use, it’s hassle free and, best of all, gives you a ton of rewards for simply using it.

In a bid to raise more capital to help its ambitious growth plans, Wirex held a crowdfunding campaign on CrowdCube, smashing its target of £1 million in just over an hour. The project has kicked it into overfunding, allowing more and more people to pledge more money, helping the company grow and evolve in all sorts of newfangled ways!

£1 Million in an Hour

Wirex officially raked in more money in a single hour than Lionel Messi does per hour, not a bad effort at all. The team at Wirex has put this down to the fact it has a superior platform that gives users a quick and easy way to hold, send and exchange a plethora of top cryptos. Thanks to this prowess, thousands of investors piled in on the crowdfunding. There are still 28 days remaining, meaning we could see Wirex rake in a crazy sum of cash if it continues at its current pace.

Wheeling and Dealing all Night Long

Wirex really has grown an incredible amount over the past few years, making it stand out as one of the biggest and most powerful crypto wallet and exchange apps the world has ever seen. It secured an E-money license in the UK back in 2018 and it’s also got a money transmission license for the US in the state of Georgia – two massive milestones that stand Wirex in good stead.

Combine this with the recent MasterCard principal membership that it secured earlier this year and you really have a top of the range product. There’s no surprise as to why Wirex raised so much money in such a short amount of time.

How High Will It Go?

Wirex is without a doubt one of the hottest apps in the crypto world right now, and with 28 days left on the overfunding, we could see Wirex raise close to £10 million if it continues on its current path. Exciting times lay ahead for Wirex, that’s for sure!