OpenSea Enables Bulk NFT Listing and Purchasing

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Opensea has activated a function that enables users to list or purchase up to 30 items at a time
  • Bulk NFT buyers must choose items powered by the same blockchain
  • The NFT platform aims to use this feature to bring down transaction fees

Leading non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Opensea has introduced a new feature allowing users to bundle up to 30 items into a single transaction. The new feature is designed to bring down transaction fees, which can be hefty for those who are interested in many pieces, although there are restrictions, most prominently that buyers will be restricted to items powered by the same blockchain.

“More Improvements” on the Way

Opensea’s ambition with its new bulk buying tool isn’t just to reduce transaction costs – the NFT marketplace is trying to streamline its buying and listing processes too. Those wishing to list more than one of their digital creations at once on the platform will have to follow the normal listing process and unlock the new feature under the “more options” area.

Bulk buyers, on the other hand, must first add all the items to their cart before checking it off as a single transaction. The new feature opens the door for “more improvements to the buying and selling experience” on the platform, which Opensea promised to unveil in the coming weeks.

Opensea Wants to Turn Back Time

The new functionality comes a few days after the NFT marketplace introduced two other new features. Last month, it allowed NFT creators to have custom drop pages that would hold their artworks, with one extrapolation of this being a deal with Warner Music Group to introduce capabilities for musicians to enter the Web 3.0 world.

Opensea’s recent introduction of new features is presumably targeted toward bringing back action on the platform since its trading volume has been on a free fall after the crypto market crash.