Aptos Unveils New Wallet With Google ID

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Aptos has unveiled a new wallet that supports signing in using Google ID
  • Dubbed “Aptos Connect,” the wallet intends to simplify access to the Aptos-powered web3 space
  • Aptos is also working to enable support for Apple ID

Aptos Labs has launched a new keyless web3 wallet to simplify access to the web3 ecosystem on the Aptos blockchain. Known as Aptos Connect, the wallet supports login using Google ID, with its developer working to add support for Apple ID. Although there are other similar wallets in the market, Aptos has positioned its wallet as unique saying it uses advanced techniques to verify users, a sign that blockchain-focused firms are focused on easing access to the space by reworking how users log in to their wallets.

Familiar Web2 Logins

According to Aptos Labs, Aptos Connect is a non-custodial web wallet usable across platforms. The wallet supports keyless access to provide “the ultimate user experience.” Aptos Connect doesn’t require users to remember complex wallet details like private keys since it uses “familiar web2 logins.”

Aptos Labs disclosed that the wallet differs from similar projects because it uses its Keyless feature that interfaces web2 and web3 accounts without these two accounts being publicly linked.

The wallet provides a similar user interface on both mobile and desktop further simplifying its usage and possible adoption. Aptos’ approach is however being applied by other wallets in the market. Four months ago, for example, Coinbase unveiled a seed-free crypto wallet feature as part of its Coinbase Wallet SDK.

Coinbase Smart Wallet Supports Face ID and Fingerprint

The seed-free feature allows users to log in to the wallet without the need for seed phrases. Like Aptos, Coinbase said the shift is meant to ease access to crypto wallets, hence bringing more people to the crypto and web3 world.

Coinbase also recently launched its Smart Wallet that supports login using Face ID, fingerprint and a Google Chrome profile.

With Aptos Labs launching a keyless wallet, it’s to be seen whether it will help increase the number of users interacting with web3 applications on the Aptos blockchain.