NFT News Roundup – 09/04/2022

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What’s happened in this week’s fast and frantic world of NFTs? There’s only one way to find out – our weekly NFT roundup.

Wanna Get Married in the Metaverse?

Is your other half bugging you about getting a ring on that finger? Tell him/her/it/them/everyone that you’re fine to tie the knot, so long as it’s in the metaverse. This is now a distinct possibility following the news that Decentraland has partnered with CloseUp, Unilever’s oral care brand, to offer metaverse marriages to interested couples, complete with a first-of-its-kind “NFT Marriage Certificate” which will serve as a digital representation of their union. What could be more romantic?

The wedding ceremonies will take place at CloseUp’s City Hall of Love in Decentraland, starting in April 2022. To get married in Decentraland, couples will have to make a proposal, after which they will move to the ceremony which will be conducted by a wedding officiant (hopefully not Mark Zuckerberg). Like weddings in the real world, the couples can invite their friends and family to attend as avatars. What could possibly go wrong?

Once the vows are made and the ceremony is completed, the wedding will be commemorated with the minting of an NFT Marriage Certificate which will live eternally on the blockchain. However, the NFT certificates will not be legally binding in any way since they do not yet have the legal backing of any country, begging the obvious question of what’s the f*****g point?

Nifty Gateway to Cut ETH Gas Fees by Up To 70%

Nifty Gateway has listened hard to its users and is launching a new feature to help them avoid Ethereum’s astronomical gas fees. Its new Wallet to Wallet (W2W) feature will enable traders of participating collections to cut their gas fees by as much as 70%, marking a huge saving, especially for those who trade a lot of NFTs (i.e. don’t have any friends).

The new feature was launched on April 7, 2022, and Nifty Gateway has promised to waive platform charges for the first 30 days to encourage adoption. Nifty Gateway has also gamified the feature to encourage rapid growth in its use – users will accrue points when listing, buying, and selling items from approved collections, and the users with the highest points will win NFT prizes.

Some of the collections that are already on board include World of Women, Cool Cats, and Ninja Squad.

Royal Mint Takes a Very British Cup of NFT

The UK Treasury announced this week that the Royal Mint will create a commemorative NFT as Chancellor Rishi Sunak laid out the welcome mat for cryptocurrency development in the country…the same welcome mat that the country’s financial regulator has been trying to roll up and burn for the past 18 months.

Sunak announced yesterday that the Mint, which has been successfully creating British currency for over 1,000 years without his interference, would be minting its first NFT as part of a push to show just how serious the UK is about crypto adoption. However, the only success Sunak achieved with the announcement was the advent of the pro crypto and anti crypto communities coming together to savage the idea.

NFTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Try Again

The team behind the 90s kids favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is set to launch another NFT collection. The new collection is a solo project that comes on the back of a prior collaboration with Funko and TokenHead (you know…the one with the…thing and the…the turtles…you know).

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creators announced the news with a short teaser trailer released via a Twitter account made specifically for the gang’s NFT projects. The trailer states that the NFT collection featuring the crime fighter foursome who would be about 50 now will be launched in Spring 2022, but it doesn’t give any specific dates.

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