NFT News Roundup – 09/07/22

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It’s Saturday, which means it’s time to raise the sluice gates and take our barge into the canal of the week’s NFT news, dangling our rod over the side to see if anything bites. Tackles out!

Gods Unchained Launches Innovative Staking Program

Gods Unchained, the play-to-earn battle arena blockchain game, this week launched a new staking program that enables players to earn more of the platform’s native $GODS coin.

The new staking program, called “The Offering of the Gods”, rewards players without requiring them to lock up coins for a specified period (because let’s face it, locking up coins on platforms hasn’t turned out to be too successful of late, has it?). To earn rewards, players must hold $GODS in an Immutable X wallet connected to the Gods Unchained ecosystem, and they must be active on the platform at least once a week.

The staking program will initially last just four months, during which one million $GODS tokens will be distributed. After that, Gods Unchained will introduce a permanent iteration of the staking program. Gods Unchained says that the goal of the program is to reward long-term investors, and with a bear market properly kicking in, there will have to be plenty of incentives to go into anything long term right now.

BAYC Initiates Load Tests for Otherside Metaverse Game

On July 6th the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) held the first “load test” prior to the launch of the “First Trip” tech demo launch for its Otherside metaverse game. The second load test will take place today ahead of its July 16th launch is to find out where the current breaking point of the project lies in order to provide an optimal user experience (and presumably avoid the same issues with the Otherdeed NFT sale).

To participate in the load tests, users will need to be Otherdeed holders located within North America or Europe and will need a desktop or laptop, although BAYC will grant Otherdeed NFT holders who reside in non-supported regions access to a private livestream. They will also be eligible to receive all of the benefits that will be attached to the First Trip tech demo.

Decentraland Hosts Nancy Ajram’s Sah Sah Launch Party

Yesterday, Decentraland hosted one of the biggest stars in the Arabic speaking world. Nancy Ajram, a Lebanese pop icon, launched her latest single “Sah Sah”, which was made in collaboration with world-renowned music producer Marshmello. The launch took place in the Metakey HQ inside Decentraland’s metaverse.

Fans and metaverse dwellers were treated to a musical extravaganza like no other, with the entire thing happening in what the 1990s called cyberspace. Such events may make headlines today, but in the future almost all events will take place in the metaverse, when headlines will only be about the ones that don’t.
What a time to be alive.

British Army Attacked by NFT Social Media Breach

The British Army suffered a crypto-related social media account hack this week when hackers gained control of its official Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts. The attack lasted for about four hours, during which the hackers lured community members with supposed NFT collections which turned out to be phishing links.

The hackers used the Ministry of Defense’s verified Twitter account to lure followers into clicking phishing links disguised as access links to The Possessed and BAPESCLAN NFT collections. They also converted the Ministry of Defense’s YouTube page to the name “Ark Investment”, a prominent investment firm, and uploaded genuine interviews which the firm had conducted with prominent individuals like Ark Investment CEO Cathie Woods, Jack Dorsey, and Elon Musk. The videos included QR code links to scam sites that cease control of the visitor’s crypto wallet in a nod to the old school YouTube crypto scams.

The Ministry of Defense began to fight back at lunchtime on Sunday and had regained control over its social media accounts by dinner time. It is still unclear how much the hackers managed to swindle, but given that Sunday lunch is a British institution it’s likely that single people with no friends would have been targeted.

So most of crypto Twitter then.