Sotheby’s Announces Proprietary NFT Marketplace

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  • Fine art broker Sotheby’s has unveiled an on-chain NFT marketplace that focuses on secondary collectables trading
  • The marketplace is integrated into Sotheby’s metaverse platform called Sotheby’s Metaverse
  • Sotheby’s disclosed that the marketplace will enforce creator royalties

Fine art broker Sotheby’s has unveiled an on-chain NFT marketplace that focuses on secondary collectables trading. The marketplace supports both Ethereum and Polygon networks which Sotheby’s said are the most popular platforms for digital artists, adding that the NFT trading avenue is integrated into the auction house’s metaverse platform called Sotheby’s Metaverse. Sotheby’s revealed that the marketplace will honor creator royalties which will be automatically deposited to an artist’s wallet.

Sotheby’s to Select Top NFT Artists

According to Sotheby’s, the marketplace’s operations are automated through smart contracts and NFT traders can settle their trades using either ETH or MATIC directly from user-controlled wallets. However, the marketplace will list artworks from top artists selected by the auction house with the list of artists changed after a few months. Some of the first artists to make it to the list include Tyler Hobbs, Sam Spratt and Claire Silver.

According to Sotheby’s VP Michael Bouhanna, the marketplace adds to the auction house’s involvement in the Web 3.0 world. Sotheby’s also revealed that its decision to support creator royalties for secondary sales was influenced by most marketplaces going the royalties route after a heated debate on whether or not to support NFT creator tips. 

Seized NFTs and Snow Crash Manuscript NFT Auctioned

The discussion around royalties divided the community, attracting rivalry between Blur and OpenSea while creators like Yuga Labs disagreed with OpenSea’s royalty enforcement plan.

The NFT marketplace comes two weeks after Sotheby’s revealed it’ll be auctioning digital artworks seized from Three Arrows Capital, and two months after it disclosed plans to auction Snow Crash manuscript NFT.

With Sotheby’s opening the marketplace to a select group of creators, the platform may become a high-end NFT trading avenue considering the auction house attracts millions of dollars in its NFT auction events.