Maxthon Launches New Browser Beta to Rival Brave and Opera

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Maxthon is one of the most popular browsers in existence, and adding BSV support brings BSV to the masses
  • Maxthon 6 Beta gives users the power to take control over the content they see and interact with thanks to microtransactions
  • The BSV network is perfect for this microtransaction feature thanks to its large block sizes

Web browsers are quickly evolving to break away from the traditional simple offering to include more advanced features. This has created a war of the browsers, with developers really honing in on specific markets for the future of their browsers.

Opera and Brave are two browsers that are adding in blockchain features for the betterment of users, but both are using these features rather differently. The latest browser to step into the blockchain ring is Maxthon with its Maxthon 6 Beta browser launch.

What is Maxthon 6 Beta Packing Under the Hood?

Maxthon 6 Beta is a Chromium based browser, just like brave, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Maxthon 6 Beta now has a feature dubbed VBox that will create a blockchain identity that will be saved to the BSV blockchain and will allow you to log in to any website on the planet – rather similarly to the MyDigiPassword app.

VBox will also enable the use of microtransactions to help platforms combat trolls by charging people small amounts of money to comment on posts or interact with them. These microtransactions will take place using the BSV blockchain ecosystem. This will cause trolls to think twice before going on a rampage and trolling another platform user due to the cost involved. A fraction of all the microtransactions will go back to the post’s owner, meaning that if trolls do decide to go after someone, they will get a slice of the money taken for the pleasure of commenting.

No Advertisements or Data Harvesting

Another perk of the Maxthon 6 Beta browser is that site owners will be dissuaded from harvesting user data and showing adverts due to the fact that they will gain revenue from the microtransactions that take place on their websites. However, there is nothing built in to the browser preventing site owners from doing this anyway – unlike in Opera and Brave. This could simply let site owners score a double payday from its users with no way to stop it.

Very Much a BSV Showcase

While the concept of microtransactions to prevent trolls is a nice idea, it very much feels as if the Maxthon 6 Beta browser is a showcase for the BSV blockchain network. The BSV tech is impressive and miners will remain profitable from microtransactions without the need to push fees through the roof thanks to the huge block sizes on the BSV network.

But, in the real world, people would rather opt for a more secure and private browsing experience that’s totally free as opposed to making dozens of microtransactions in order to interact with their favorite content.