Calvin Ayre Calls BSV a Shitcoin

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Everyone loves a good shitcoin pump and dump, especially if you’re on the right side of it. Last week we saw BSV pump up to $490 then sink all the way back down, with many calling it a huge pump and dump filled with wash trading. In the days after the huge BSV dump, Calvin Ayre posted a Tweet suggesting that BSV is a shitcoin. Ayre isn’t wrong and the crypto world is loving that he’s finally speaking the truth about BSV.

Ayre Finally Speaks the Truth

Ayre is known for his rather controversial opinions and his rather limited understanding of tokenomics, and he’s usually talking about rubbish. However, Ayre has finally decided to speak the truth about BSV following the huge pump and dump. Speaking on the pump and dump, Ayre said:

There is no problem trading back and forth in shite coins for profit, we do it when it suits us also.

So, not only is Ayre confirming that the recent BSV pump and dump was in fact an artificial pump and dump created by whales, but he also calls BSV a shitcoin. A lot of people in the crypto world see BSV as a shitcoin and finally Ayre is admitting it.

Trying to Remain Relevant

Ayre has been out of the crypto mainstream for a while now and he’s trying his utmost to remain relevant. Back in November, Ayre started to complain about the BSV delistings, one of his first attempts to get some more publicity for himself and BSV. Poor Ayre has struggled lately for screen time in the past few months, but hopefully now he’s called BSV a shitcoin he can get the attention that he desires.

The BSV team are always a good laugh, and the dynamic duo known as Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre always provide a solid laugh. Let’s see what jokes Ayre makes next!