Vertpig Lets Users Trade Cryptos For Free

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When it comes to trading cryptos, exchanges can often charge too much for trades. Some exchanges charge a premium of up to 10%, with these fees easily mounting up. One crypto exchange has promised to stamp out trading fees if your order isn’t matched instantly. That’s right, if you place an order on Vertpig and it isn’t matched instantly, it will have all trade fees removed – making trading essentially free. In addition to this, it bases the number of confirmations required on the amount users deposit – starting from 2 confirmations. These features are designed to put the power of trading back into users’ hands while giving traders a great experience – talk about top marks for customer service.

Free Trading is Becoming Popular

Since Robinhood launched free stock trading on its mobile app, the free trading space has boomed, with it now being more popular than ever before. Free trades allow users to trade smaller amounts without needed Bitcoin – or any other financial instrument for that matter – to jump by 50% before they see profits. In fact, the free trading space has become so popular, big names such as JP Morgan have begun to launch their own platforms.
Free to trade platforms often come with a lot less technical features than a platform with trade fees, and the spread is also much wider. The popular trading platform eToro also touts itself as a free to trade platform, however the spreads are rather wide. Plus, they also take a cut of all withdrawals – meaning that it’s not really free to trade.

Simplicity is the Key

Free to use trading platforms tend to be simplistic, and simplicity is the key to success. Skrill recently launched crypto trading through its platform, with its easy to use interface making it rather popular. The popular banking app Revolut has recently launched a new way to earn cryptos as you spend. Its new metal card gives users cashback on all purchases they make, and the cashback can be set to cryptos. However, if you transact using the metal card in Europe, cashback is set at 0.1% of the transaction value – meaning you need to spend an awful lot of money to make it worthwhile.
Vertpig is making the crypto world user-friendly with its clean interface and ultra-low-cost trading. Its native coin – Vertcoin – is available to buy directly in Euros, giving novice crypto traders a quick and easy way to access crypto markets.