Bitcoin SV Sees Huge 148MB Block Following Quasar Upgrade

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bitcoin SV is one of the most controversial cryptocurrencies around, and with Craig Wright a key player in the project it’s no wonder why SV gets under so many people’s skin. On July 24th, Bitcoin SV underwent a hard fork that introduced a rather controversial upgrade – 2GB block caps. Dubbed Quasar, the hard fork that contained a new 2GB block cap saw a lot of people rage against SV, claiming that larger block will increase centralization as well as prevent regular Joes from becoming miners and nodes on the network.

Despite the intense criticism, Bitcoin SV miners began slowly increasing their block size to begin live testing of this new feature. As a result, on hard fork day we saw the biggest Bitcoin SV block mined to date – a whopping 148mb block.

27,117 Transactions Inside

Just hours after the hard fork was successfully implemented, Bitcoin SV saw a huge amount of transactions hit the network. One miner quickly decided to increase their block size and try out the new block size limit. Block number 592604 was the first block to test out the new parameters to the fullest, culminating in 27,117 transactions being packed into this mammoth block. The average fee per transaction in the block remained 0.00010757 BSV, while the total rewards from the huge block came in at 2.91687367 BSV. As of time of press, it’s more than 886x cheaper to transact on the BSV network than it is with Bitcoin. This highlights that the new upgrade is working.

Big Blocks Getting to Ayre’s Head

To announce the new record-breaking block from, Calvin Ayre – a major Bitcoin SV supporter – decided to take to Twitter. However, in all the excitement, Ayre incorrectly wrote that Bitcoin SV saw a 148GB block. He then went on to clarify that he was talking about Gigamegs.

Had Ayre written GM rather than GB he would have been correct, but this slipup caught the attention of BSV naysayers. The plethora of anti-BSV supporters quickly chimed in with their “funny” comments. One user wrote

So how was 148gb mined with a 2gb cap lol, is Calvin on drugs?

This new upgrade from BSV appears to be working and it’s helping the network clear the backlog of transactions faster than ever before. Rather than having to wait hours for a transaction to go through, you can rest assured knowing you will always make it into the next block. If this epic performance keeps up, we could see BSV repeat its May performance.