Hong Kong ‘CyberDefender’ Force to Police Metaverse

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  • The Hong Kong police have unveiled a metaverse platform to tackle crime in the virtual world
  • Known as CyberDefender, it also aims to provide education on risks associated with accessing a digital world
  • The security agency believes that Web3’s decentralization encourages criminals to target end users

The Hong Kong police have unveiled a metaverse platform aimed at helping tackle crimes in the virtual world. Known as CyberDefender, it will also be used to provide education on risks associated with accessing a digital world. The security agency believes that Web3‘s decentralization secures the virtual world from a single point of failure, making criminals turn their focus to end users.

Internet-based Crimes can also Happen in the Metaverse

Managed by the Hong Kong Police Force’s Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau, its launch was marked by hosting a virtual discussion on ways to prevent crimes in a digital world.

According to the bureau’s head, Ip Cheuk-yu, all internet-based crimes such as sexual offenses and system breaches can also be orchestrated in the metaverse, adding that metaverse users should implement the same caution as when using the internet.

Cheuk-yu’s observation matched Kaspersky’s recent prediction that metaverse-based criminal activities are likely to rise as more people embrace virtual worlds. The bureau’s head also noted that Web3’s decentralization makes criminals target end users and smart contracts powering various functions of a metaverse platform. 

His sentiments come at a time when criminals are increasingly compromising DeFi platforms such as Wormhole either by breaching the security or manipulating the functioning of a smart contract.

Same Blockchain Different Approaches

The launch of the metaverse platform comes when Hong Kong is ramping up its involvement in the crypto and Web3 spaces. For example, the country announced plans to allow cryptocurrency trading and has set up a digital asset task force to help accelerate its Web3 adoption.

However, its blockchain adoption differs from that of China which has removed crypto from the equation.

With Hong Kong expressing interest in the metaverse and crypto, it’s yet to be seen whether it’ll have a tangible effect on the global blockchain space.