Solana NFT Owners Urged to Check OpenSea Listings

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Solana NFT owners could be at risk of losing their assets for far below their floor price on OpenSea
  • An error with the Solana support launch could lead to Solana NFTs being sold for old listing prices
  • The error makes it seem like Solana NFTs aren’t listed when they technically still are

More warnings over the potential for Solana NFT owners’ assets to unknowingly be at risk have been raised two months after a wallet exploit was revealed. The new issue is related to the issues faced by OpenSea in its listing of Solana NFTs two weeks ago and could see Solana NFTs still be purchasable despite being seemingly delisted. Those that are listed could see them sold for prior listing prices.

OpenSea Solana NFT Support Launch to Blame

The headache for Solana NFT owners is connected to OpenSea’s listing of Solana NFTs two weeks ago, with the beta testing having to be halted when the Solana blockchain suffered transaction problems. The NFTs seemed to have been delisted when the blockchain came back online, but in fact the smart contracts signalling their status had them listed at the original price, and in many cases still do, despite the owners thinking they were no longer up for sale.

The issue here is obvious – the owner of a potentially lucrative Solana NFT might be completely unaware that it was never actually delisted by OpenSea two weeks ago and someone with knowledge of smart contracts may be able to snap it up months or years down the line at this original listing price.

This flaw was discovered and posted by Twitter user Ichico (@0xIchigo) yesterday as a warning to Solana NFT holders:

The flaw is reminiscent of an incident with Bored Apes, again on OpenSea, and the improper cancellation of listings. Fortunately, Ichico also offered a simple solution to preventing such flaws being exploited, but it is up to the individual to enact it:

If you’re a Solana NFT owner and you listed your NFT on OpenSea when it first launched Solana support, please make sure you take this advice!