Adidas Partners With BAPE to Release Sneakers With NFT Twin

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  • Adidas has partnered with fashion company BAPE to auction limited-edition sneakers with an NFT twin
  • The sneakers’ NFT twin can be worn in the metaverse
  • The auction will last for three days starting August 22

Sports giant Adidas is taking a step deeper into the NFT space by partnering with BAPE to auction rare sneakers that also exist as digital collectibles. The NFT twins can be worn in the metaverse, a move that resembles Nike’s recent decision to offer in-game NFTs. The Adidas Originals x BAPE NFT auction is scheduled to last for three days starting August 22.

100 NFTs for 100 Sneakers 

The partnership will see Adidas make 100 physical sneakers fitted with an NFC chip that enables access to their accompanying digital collectible on the Ethereum blockchain.

The auction will revolve around an NFT-based access pass that gives its holder the ability to claim the physical sneakers. Although the apparel maker has in the past released other NFT collections, this is its first NFT auction.

According to Adidas, collectors holding NFTs in the ‘Alts by Adidas: Soles Alt[er] Ego’ and BAPE’s ‘(B)Apetaverse’ collections will “receive exclusive benefits.” 

Adidas disclosed that those wishing to redeem their access passes will have to wait until September 26 with shipping of the physical kicks scheduled to start in October, roughly two months after the closure of the auction.

Sportswear Makers and Fashion Brands Join the Web3 World

The Adidas Originals X BAPE NFT auction comes two months after the sneaker maker collaborated with Fewocious to launch the Trefoil Flower NFT collection and four months after releasing Alts by Adidas NFTs

Other sportswear manufacturers and fashion brands like Puma and Lacoste have also recently entered or increased their presence in the web3 world.

With Adidas offering only 100 sneakers, the outcome of the auction is likely to show whether the brand resonates with NFT collectors.