Feed Doves by Donating Crypto to Mr Dove

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Animal lovers from around the world have been given ways to interact with various breeds of animals through blockchain technology. Back in December 2018, we saw a farmer set up a live stream camera and an IOTA enabled feed dispenser that allowed people to tune in to the stream and tip the feeder in IOTA, causing food to fall out for the sheep to eat. Now, one anonymous “Mr Dove” YouTube personality has set up his own feed system, allowing viewers to tune in and send tips in Bitcoin, NANO, Litecoin or Dogecoin. Once the tip has been received the machine will dispense food, hopefully attracting birds to the feeder.

Send Crypto for Birds to Arrive

If you’re in the mood to see some cute birds, then all you have to do is send $0.50 in one of the accepted cryptocurrencies to the addresses detailed in the YouTube video description. Once the transaction has cleared, Mr Dove’s computer will send a message to the bird feed dispenser and a handful of treats will fall down for the birds to eat. When the feed drops down, birds usually flock to the feeder within minutes. If you live in a country or part of town where birds aren’t prevalent, this could be your perfect nature getaway.

dove feed

Food Even if You Don’t Tip

The limit on donations is $0.50, so if you send more than that the extra crypto will simply go into the pot for more food and feeders, not additional feed drops. If you want to send more food, make multiple transactions. On the other hand, if nobody donates the birds will still get fed. In the event of no new donations, the feeder will automatically dispense food once every hour – so you don’t need to worry about the birds going hungry.

Live Streaming Animals is Taking Off

This is far from a new idea, and people have been using cryptocurrencies and live streams to draw in viewers for years. Back in June, we saw MiceRace launch, allowing you to bet on your favorite mouse as it raced against other mice. Using the Lightning Network, MiceRace allows for microtransactions to be made when placing stakes, so no need to drop whole Bitcoins on these rodents.

The birds are usually close by, so send over a tip and watch the feeder drop some food – perhaps you will be lucky and see a dove appear on the feeder stand!