Mice Racing Could be the Next Big Bitcoin Trend

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We’ve seen plenty of novel ideas from engineers looking to take the cryptocurrency world to the next level, but the team over at MiceRace have blown away the competition. Live streamed on Twitch, you can watch mice race each other for hours on end. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even drop a few satoshis to back your favorite mouse to win the race – how epic is that?

Live the Mouse Racing Life

There are a whole range of cameras set up all around the MiceRace HQ that allow you to check out the mice playing, racing, sleeping, and even eating. With 11HD cameras streaming every second of every race – not to mention instant replays – it’s almost the most exciting thing you can do with your Bitcoin.

Check Out the Stats

MiceRace isn’t letting you go into the event blind, it has a range of stats available for each mouse, including their win/loss ratio. You can use this data to pick your favorite mouse for the best chance at securing more satoshis – it’s easier and more exciting than hodling XRP, that’s for sure. Mario is the current MVP with more than 110 wins to his name. Meanwhile, Cheddar is the worst performing mouse with 7 wins and 202 losses – he sounds a bit like Justin Sun with stats like that.

Epic Uses for Bitcoin

MiceRace is just one of the incredible ideas from the Bitcoin community, helping people explore new ways to use their Bitcoin. Back in December, two farmers deployed an auto feeding machine linked to an IOTA node that allowed people watching a live stream and buy food for their sheep. This cute idea stole the hearts of millions of crypto fans all around the globe who poured in thousands of dollars. Then, we saw a developer create a game on the Lightning Network that allows players to make microtransactions to buy animals, ammo, health, and other perks to help them fend off hordes of enemies. These are just a few of the epic uses for Bitcoin and as time goes on we will only see more appear.

MiceRace takes good care of their animals and the team has invested heavily in the project. This incredible live stream of mice racing is helping a new flock of crypto hodlers enter the Bitcoin usage space. It won’t be long before we see more people developing and launching cool ideas like this.