Brazilian Crypto YouTuber Loses $60,000 After Showing Seed Phrase

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  • Brazilian crypto streamer Fraternidade Crypto temporarily lost over $60,000 during a live broadcast after accidentally revealing his private keys
  • The accidental key leak allowed a thief to steal funds from his wallet, but they returned around $50,000
  • Fraternidade Crypto had stored the keys on an unencrypted Notepad file on his computer

A Brazilian cryptocurrency streamer known as Fraternidade Crypto has found himself at the center of a digital drama after losing over $60,000 during a live broadcast having inadvertently revealed his private keys. The incident occurred during a livestream where Fraternidade Crypto accidentally opened the Notepad application which held the private key and seed phrase for his Metamask wallet, allowing a thief to steal the funds inside the wallet in question. Fortunately for the streamer, the thief seems to have had sympathy and returned the vast majority of the funds, although this has led to many suspecting that it was a stunt.

Private Keys Written on Notepad

Fraternidade Crypto was streaming his computer desktop on Wednesday when a notepad screen popped up showing all the crucial details for his crypto wallets:


Viewers watched in disbelief as panic swept across Fraternidade Crypto’s face upon realizing the gravity of the mistake he had made, and after a few seconds of frantic actions, the streamer abruptly ended the livestream and hastened to salvage his funds. However, his efforts were in vain as the theft had already taken place.

In an attempt to recover his loss, Fraternidade Crypto embarked on a fresh livestream where he appealed through tears to the thief’s conscience for the return of his funds. A formal police report was also filed in hopes of resolving the issue legally.

$50,000 Returned

In a surprising twist, the thief voluntarily reached out to Fraternidade Crypto after the incident, expressing remorse for the unauthorized transfer and returning approximately $50,000, showing that they weren’t one hundred per cent contrite. The influencer acknowledged the act as a positive outcome, although some skeptics in the video’s chat box questioned the authenticity of the situation, suggesting that it was a hoax to raise the streamer’s profile.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with handling cryptocurrencies and the importance of maintaining stringent security measures, such as not leaving your private key in an open Notepad file.