Start Feeding Sheep with Your IOTA

Reading Time: 2 minutes

People are building all sorts of weird and wonderful devices that utilize cryptocurrency transactions, in order to show the world the true potential of crypto. Developers have made vending machines that dispense Coca-Cola with the Lightning Network, electric rental bikes powered with Bitcoin, and even a Lightning Network version of Pokémon.
IOTA developers are joining the party, and they have the cooked up a really fun app. You can now send a small amount of IOTA to an address and a machine dispenses food to hungry sheep. Best of all, you can watch it all happen – so this act of kindness is sure to give you a fuzzy feeling.

Live Stream Sheep Feeding

There is a 24/7 live stream available of the sheep that you can watch on your TV at home – or work PC for that matter – so you’ll see these happy little sheep playing all day long. The camera is fixed on the feed tray to ensure that users can see when their food gets given to the sheep. Feeding is open from 8am CET until 7pm CET and people who feed the sheep the most get their name on a leaderboard as a thank you from the developers. If you donate to the sheep outside of feeding hours, your food is held in a backlog and will be dispensed as soon as feeding opens. Don’t worry though, the feed you’re sending the sheep is more of a snack – they still have their main food source just off camera.

Developers Pushing the Boundaries of Crypto Payments

Developers and hardware hackers are creating applications like this to show the world just how simple it is to use cryptos as a form of payment. Currently, there are very few outlets and stores around the world that accept cryptos, and the hope is that these stores will see just how easy it is and start accepting cryptos themselves.
As a way to help the cause, many developers are going over the top and creating really awesome applications that use crypto payments – such as for feeding sheep. This helps to spread the message far and wide that crypto payments are the future.

First Sheep Feeding, Next the World!

This is just the first step in helping crypto payments become commonplace in society. Many parts of the world are still coming to terms with contactless payments, so fun demonstrations like this are crucial to the future of the industry. If you have some spare IOTA kicking around – and you want to be a good person – why not head on over and give these sheep a delicious lunchtime snack.