Steve Wozniak’s Efforce Project to Get Dual Exchange Listing

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  • Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s blockchain company Efforce will launch its WOZX token on HitBTC and Bithumb this week
  • Efforce aims to help companies save energy by fundraising for energy saving projects
  • Wozniak has been a public supporter of Bitcoin and blockchain for years

Efforce, the blockchain company founded by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, will see its WOZX token listed on two exchanges this week. Efforce, which is billed as a marketplace for industrial and corporate building owners to fund ecologically beneficial projects, has been slowly developing its offering since forming in 2018, resulting in the company announcing that their WOZX token will launch on HitBTC and Bithumb this week.

Wozniak Puts Money Where His Mouth Is

Wozniak co-founded Apple in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage in 1976 and hasn’t founded a project since, although he has been a public supporter of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in the past, claiming to have first bought into Bitcoin at $700 and calling it “pure digital gold” in 2018.

Wozniak has since put his money where his mouth is and founded Efforce after he “started worrying about our children’s futures” with regard to the damage being done to the planet by man-made climate change. Efforce aims to revolutionize the energy efficiency market by offering capital to projects that try to tackle the issue, or at least offer an energy-saving alternative.

Efforce Token WOZX to Launch on HitBTC and Bithumb

Efforce said in a Medium post announcing the upcoming exchange listings that it has spent most of this year in “stealth mode” but has now broken cover and announced that its WOZX token will list on HBTC and Bithumb this week. Efforce will act as a digital marketplace for companies to raise funds for energy efficient projects, with contributions to be made in WOZX tokens.

Startups funded in this way will then use special metrics to measure energy savings which will then be logged on the Efforce blockchain, with any savings distributed into the investors’ profile as energy credits, which can in turn be used or sold.