Can Decentralized Social Media Give Trump a Fresh Platform?

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Trump has been banned from virtually all forms of social media, stifling his rhetoric
  • Decentralized social media could give Trump another foothold on his platform
  • If Trump manages to get up and running once more, he could end up doing himself more harm than good

In the days following the violence that erupted at the Capitol Building, various social media platforms have taken action against Donald Trump. Singled out as the voice that inspired these actions, Trump has been banned from dozens of social media platforms and labelled a domestic terrorist.

The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Shopify, Reddit and Twitch have all taken an action against the President, but is there a solution? Could decentralized social media give Trump some airtime and a platform to push his agenda once more?

Many Options to Pick From

Many people consider Parler to be a platform for free speech, and while it is being used that way, it’s not decentralized. As a result, AWS, GCS and MA have all pulled support for the platform, meaning it will have to rebuild from the ground up. There are a few other options that the platform could opt to go for, but they wouldn’t resonate will with its users. Parler could get back up and running with no issues by finding a Russian or Chinese hosting provider, but this would be rather ironic and it would upset its core userbase.

So, Trump and his minions will need to look at truly decentralized platforms to get his agenda out there. LBRY is by far the best decentralized version of YouTube, allowing the Trump team to get their videos up and running with no issues. Mastadon, Uptrennd, Peepeth and Twetch are all other options for Trump and his team to use, but it’s unknown as to whether the communities could come together and remove him…

A Long Way to Go

Trump might have a lot of fans in the US and around the world, but after the Capitol riots, many people are beginning to denounce him. While a hardcore Republican would argue that all the companies that are revoking his access to his platforms are run by Democrat favoring people, you still can’t deny the fact that the President incited violence, which is unprecedented.

Whatever move Trump makes next, he’s got to be careful. Freedom of speech is far from a real thing, and when he’s no longer the president, the things he says online will land him in big trouble. Perhaps it’s time for Trump to cut ties with social media and go golfing for a bit – at least on the course he can’t land himself in too much trouble…