Dapper Labs Blocks Russian Users

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  • NBA Top Shot creator Dapper Labs has blocked Russian users
  • The move correspondents to the European Union releasing new sanctions against Russia
  • The ban affects everything from wallets to custody services

The creator of the popular NBA Top Shot NFTs, Dapper Labs, has blocked Russian users from trading any of its pieces. Hinged on new sanctions imposed by the European Union on Russia, it covers all services and products. However, most NFT and crypto supporters aren’t happy with the move, saying it is against the decentralised nature of products powered by blockchain technology.

Sports NFT Suite Out of Bounds to Russians

The new sanctions, imparted last week, prohibit EU-governed entities from providing financial and crypto products to Russian nationals. Following the announcement, Dapper Labs said that its Russian users will no longer be able to trade or gift NFT Moments tied to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day or any of its Sports NFT suite.
The NFT creator has also deactivated withdrawals and deposits for these users. All is not lost, however, as affected users will still be able to view their collections.

Against Crypto Principles?

Dapper Labs said the new EU sanctions impacted its payment and storage partners, forcing them to block the users. However, most NFT and crypto lovers weren’t happy with the decision, noting that it goes against the decentralised vision of blockchain technology:

Dapper Labs is one of the largest NFT platforms in the space, so whether their move will echo down to other platforms, only time will tell.