NounsDAO Announces NFT Comic Book Series

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  • NounsDAO has revealed that it’s working on a comic book series that will be available as an NFT and in physical form
  • The comic book will center around the Nouns NFT project to stretch the project’s intellectual property
  • Titan Comics and ComicsDAO are also involved in bringing the book to life

NounsDAO, a Web 3.0 community focusing on the Nouns NFT project, has revealed that it is working on a comic book series that will be available both as a digital collectible and as a hard copy. Dubbed Nons: Nountown, the book will revolve around the Nouns ecosystem to expand the NFT project’s intellectual property. NounsDAO will also work with Titans Comic and ComicsDAO to bring the book to life with its launch expected in April.

No Need to Know NFTs were Involved

The comic book’s illustrations will be done by Danny Schlitz who has previously worked with Nike, Honda, Microsoft and Netflix. Titan Comics, known for titles such as Blade Runner and The Simpsons will publish Nouns: Nountown which will be spread out into six issues.

According to Nouns pseudonymous co-creator 4156, most people that will engage with the physical comic book might not understand collectibles or even “know that there were NFTs backing it […] but the end user doesn’t ever have to know that.” 

Ownership Through NFTs

Despite Nouns embracing a Creative Commons (CCO) license, the book’s publisher has linked with retailers to avoid anyone creating their own versions of the book, which is a possibility under this type of license. Also, the comic book will be tied to Ethereum NFTs which will serve as a way to prove ownership for those interested in digital copies. 

Web 3.0 security platform 4K Protocol will secure 420 copies of the physical comics after printing. ComicsDAO founder Adam Fortier told Coindesk that the book represents a way to merge Web 3.0 with classic content. With people already owning Nouns NFTs it can only be seen whether everybody will be happy with how the characters will be depicted in the comic book series.