Yuga Labs Unveils New Collection for Sewer Pass NFT Holders

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  • Yuga Labs has unveiled a new collection exclusive for Sewer Pass NFT holders
  • Dubbed HV-MTL, the new collection features robots summoned by burning Sewer Pass NFTs 
  • The collection has 30,000 collectibles

Yuga Labs has unveiled a new collection exclusive for Sewer Pass NFT holders, a month after announcing the winner of the Dookey Dash Web 3.0 game powered by Sewer Pass NFTs. Dubbed HV-MTL (Heavy Metal), collectibles can only be unlocked by burning Sewer Pass NFTs, an event that sees the artworks transform into a robot. HV-MTL features 30,000 robots which Yuga christened evolution one (Evo 1) Mechs.

Robots Open the Future

According to the Bored Ape creator, the process of earning the new NFTs is called summoning the Mechs from a power source. Yuga added that HV-MTL opens the door to games and content that would be released in the future.

The new collection has since attracted sizable hype on leading NFT marketplace OpenSea, moving from a price of over $4,000 to over $4 million per Mech.

However, shortly after the launch, some collectors noted the absence of some robot traits, an issue that Yuga acknowledged and fixed.

As is expected, scammers were also on a mission to mislead unsuspecting collectors.

The scammers cloned the collection’s official website and even posed as the official Bored Ape on Twitter with hopes of getting free Sewer Pass NFTs.

The new collection comes days after Yuga Labs launched TwelveFold, a Bitcoin NFT project featuring 300 collectibles.

Toad Mode Done, What Next?

HV-MTL is in preparation for Dookey Dash‘s third phase after the completion of the second phase, Toad Mode, last month. 

Although Yuga is yet to release more details on the kind of content the new collectibles unlock, the presence of a new collection is likely to rekindle the hype around Dookey Dash.