Cristiano Ronaldo Announces Another NFT Collection

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo has announced the fourth NFT collection in partnership with Binance
  • Ronaldo has three other collections already listed on Binance’s NFT marketplace
  • Ronaldo will launch the collection on May 29

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has announced he’ll be launching a new NFT collection on May 29 in partnership with crypto exchange Binance. The new collection will be listed on the exchange’s collectibles marketplace Binance NFT. The collection will be the fourth since Ronaldo already has three other collections on Binance NFT, a sign that the Portuguese footballer is committed to engaging his fans in and out of the field.

Ronaldo’s Top Moments

According to Ronaldo, the collection will focus on his football career from the early days through to attaining the G.O.A.T status. As such, the collection is likely to feature key moments during the football legend’s time in Sporting CP, Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus and his current team Al Nassr. 

Binance disclosed that collectibles in the collection will have “bigger and better utilities than ever,” adding that they will be limited-edition NFTs.

The exchange and Ronaldo didn’t disclose the collection’s name or possible pricing, only noting that most of the collectibles will have a fixed price “suitable for any collector.” Binance noted that only the “Super Super Rare” collectibles will be on a different price level.

Ronaldo first announced an NFT partnership with Binance in 2022 and launched his first collection, CR7 NFT Collection, on Binance NFT the same year. In 2023, he launched two other collections on the same marketplace, Forever CR7: The Goat NFT and CR7 ForeverZone.

Lawsuit Dogs Binance Linkup

Last year, however, the legendary footballer was the target of a $1 billion lawsuit for his involvement with Binance. 

The plaintiffs in the case claim that Ronaldo’s partnership with the exchange made them lose money after they invested in unregistered securities offered by the exchange. Ronaldo’s former football club, Manchester United, has also made strides in the NFT world.

With Ronaldo and Binance not disclosing the collection’s name and pricing, it’s to be seen whether this tactic will capture the curiosity of NFT collectors.