Craig Wright Already Late With $100 Million Payment

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  • Craig Wright has not paid the $100 million he said he was “relieved” to have been hit with
  • Wright is accruing interest every day he delays in making the payment
  • The Satoshi Wannabe has still not paid Hodlonaut from a decision made in June 2019

Craig Wright is already late with his much celebrated $100 million payment from his case against the estate of Dave Kleiman, according to Ira Kleiman’s lawyer, Vel Freedman. Freedman responded to a question on Twitter about how long Wright has to pay the money the jury ruled he owed to W&K Info Defense by saying that “he’s already late…”. This shouldn’t be a surprise given that Wright has still not stumped up the money he owes to Hodlonaut from June 2019 when Wright failed to get the Norwegian case against the cartoon cat thrown out, with interest on his Kleiman payment accruing every day.

Wright Suspected of Not Having the Means to Pay

Wright was hit on Monday with the ruling that he stole $100 million worth of intellectual property from the company he and Dave Kleiman started in 2011. Wright and his camp declared that Wright ‘won’ because he was only found in breach of one of the seven aspects of the case, but this was to be expected, and still meant that Wright owed $100 million that many suspect he simply doesn’t have. The fact that he is borrowing money from Calvin Ayre to pay for his litany of lawsuits suggests as much.

Interest Accruing Every Day

Wright made a big play of the suggestion that he will move bitcoin from the original Satsohi wallets if a court demanded it, which explicitly did not happen in this case, and yet he maintains that he will. These funds, he says, are bound up in the Tulip Trust, which evidence going back to 2014 shows does not exist. Assuming this is his only source of funds, the longer he delays in moving the coins, which he says requires permission from the trustees plus access to the coins themselves (something he has called “a big if” in the past), the more interest Wright has to pay.

Twitter user @btckershi tweeted a spreadsheet of the debt Wright is accruing every day he doesn’t pay, which currently stands at about $767, meaning he has already accrued over $2,000. Still, that’s nothing to a billionaire…right?